Mr. Hansraj Sharma

On the behalf of entire Janta Vidya Bhawan (A rural education society), I am pleased to introduce you to Janta College of Pharmacy.“To carter the growing needs of the professional and technological education of rural area.”

This institution (Janta Vidya Bhawan Butana) was started in 1952 as school education by honorable Ch. Dhajja Ram played a leading role in establishment of this institution. This has a widespread campus area of 50 acres. After that the institute started J.B.T, Drawing courses and so on. In 1977 a job oriented Diploma course in Pharmacy and B. Pharmacy degree course in 2009 was started in this institute. After that the institute carried out good academic results and grows up step by step like an education hub in Haryana. It is a matter of great pride for this college.

“I wish you all the best, achieving greater success in your education and career ahead”.